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Prospective Clients,
Integrity Protective Services provides an unparalleled level of service and commitment to their clients. Regardless of the job scope, IPS has always provided their full and undivided attention to each individual task at hand.
In our experiences, each individual officer takes great pride in their position and has always given us a positive attitude and professional demeanor. Their willingness to go above and beyond for the Management team really sets them apart from other security providers.
On a daily basis insightful reports are provided to the on-site Managers, providing a detailed synopsis of each shift. In heightened situations, all officers keep in close contact with staff informing them of the situation and its progress so that they may be as involved as possible.
The exceptional customer service provided to our residents has exceeded our expectations. IPS has become involved in our community by joining, as well as hosting, several resident functions.  They continue to focus on the needs of the each resident while ensuring the safety of the property at all times.
We sincerely appreciate the level of dedication and respect given to not only our staff, but our residents and properties as well.  
Thank you IPS for all you have done to protect our residents and community.
Kind Regards,
Senior Property Manager
To: All potential clients looking for security/protective services,
I.P.S. came to our rescue.  The company I work for acquired a property in a problematic area of Pinole, CA.  Our asset was experiencing issues that ranged from burglaries, dumpster diving, trespassing to overt drug dealing and gang activity.
I reached out to my colleagues and asked if they knew of a private security company I could use. A newly hired manager suggested Integrity Protective Services and said she had received excellent service from them in the past. I called and asked them and asked them to come to our asset.
The owner of I.P.S. came personally, introduced his company and was extremely passionate about their services and staff. After listening to our problems and concerns, he conducted an on-site threat assessment. After that, he presented us many different options to chose from in order to achieve our desired results.
Although we hired I.P.S. for late evening patrol services, their staff were always available to help us out during normal office hours and assist with troubled residents.
Their officers made dozens of high profile arrests for crimes like drugs possession, assaults, drinking in public and trespassing. Once the criminal element realized we had an extremely pro-active armed protective company patrolling our property and actually making arrests, they took their activities elsewhere.  We were also informed on other issues such as sub-leasing and maintenance related issues every week.
It was amazing.  As a property manager, I have never seen a private security company  achieve the results I.P.S. delivered.
I.P.S. staff continually went above and beyond their contracted service and never once charged more than what was agreed to.
I would strongly recommend Integrity Protective Services to anyone needing a real security service and real results.
C. Aceves.
Business Manager
This letter is directed at anyone looking for excellent contract security services.
Integrity Protective Services has provided service to our community for over a year and  have TRULY change our property around. Our community has gone from high crime to no crime. They dedicate the needs of the property and residents before anything else.  They are very flexible and willing to do anything for our property. Every officer that I have had the pleasure of working with is very respectful and professional. Our Residents are so thankful Integrity Protective Service provides service to our community. They treat our community as if it were their own.
Integrity Protective Service is TRULY about Integrity, Honesty and Loyalty.
I HIGHLY recommend Integrity Protective Services to any community, property management company or HOA.
T. Gavino
Community Manager.
Please read the following testimonial from a satisfied client of Integrity Protective Services.
To Whom It May Concern:
Integrity Protective Services has provided service to our community and to our residents for the past two years.  Their service and responsiveness has exceeded my expectations, and their attention to our residents is reflected in the positive feedback that is relayed to our management team on a regular basis.
The service provided to us has been clearly tailored to fit the needs of our apartment community.   It is clear that the entire property was evaluated based on location, size, and resident needs in order to appropriately staff the property at the right times and with the right courtesy service patrols.
I appreciate the willingness of Integrity Protective Services to be flexible at all times in order to put the needs of the property before anything else.  Each officer that I have had the opportunity to work with has been attentive to my requests as a manager, and most importantly, to those of our residents.  Each officer has always been professional in both appearance and demeanor, criteria which are essential when dealing with residents in any multifamily community.
I would highly recommend the services provided by Integrity Protective Services to any professional property management company who strives to provide only the best possible service to their residents.
Property Manager
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