Armed and Unarmed Security, Courtesy Patrol and Other Security Services

    • Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
    • Executive/Dignitary Protection and Body Guards
    • Crime / Drug Suppression
    • A+ / D-and HUD Properties
    • Residential/Commercial
    • Asset Protection
    • Clubs/Special Events
    • Security Vehicle Patrol
    • Bike Patrol
    • Courtesy Patrol
    • Security Consultations
    • Force Protection and K-9 w/Handler Teams


Reasons & Services

Experience: Integrity Protective Services’ past performance is a perfect indicator of future results. When it comes to evaluating the right company to provide you with the best solution for your security needs, you’ll find Integrity Protective Services to be a company with an enormous amount of experience successfully executing complex security projects from start to finish. An innovative security and investigative services company, Integrity Protective Services will analyze your security needs, design the proper protection program, then implement and manage it on time and on budget. Integrity Protective Services’ will also provide all necessary follow up support, ensuring job success continues long after we are done.

ReferencesIntegrity Protective Services’ client list is enviable and we are happy to provide you with a list of non-security sensitive companies and individuals we work with. You’ll find Integrity Protective Services and its staff of operatives to be a team praised for its responsive, sensitive customer service, tactical competency whose positive response when asked for emergency or non-emergency help, will empower your organization at every turn.
ValueIntegrity Protective Services is neither the most expensive security and investigative services company nor is it the most inexpensive, but rather the best value; the place where cost for services, knowledge, experience and results meet. You’ll find Integrity Protective Services to be an exceptional security company that’s fine tuned directly in to your needs. Our job is to make you shine with respect to your choice in a protective services company. Our loyalties have always been to our clients, we fully understand who we work for and will always strive to keep you more than satisfied.
CommunicationListening and expressing thoughts clearly is absolutely paramount to the creation of any synergistic business relationship. The experts at Integrity Protective Services know how to speak the language of your business and your life. We appreciate the importance and necessity of listening to your comments, opinions and concerns before beginning any kind of conceptual work or security planning. An Integrity Protective Services specialist will always begin a project by explaining exactly how their proposed solution is going to work, and how it’s going to help you solve your security, protection or investigative needs.
AvailabilityWorking with clients to achieve positive results requires constant communication. The professionals at Integrity Protective Services realize this and work to be the most responsive protective service provider in the industry, period. As our client, you will always have easy and immediate access to your assigned security specialist, investigator or team leader at every stage of the process so you can express any concerns, desires or needs that may arise, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including the C.E.O. Don’t forget to ask about our confidential VIP services for all of our clients that NO OTHER SECURITY/PROTECTIVE COMPANY offers. We guarantee it.


Your success is our success. We won't let you down.