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Specifics that distinguish Integrity Protective Services from other armed and unarmed security providers:

1. Our officers: A company cannot provide excellent service without a motivated front line. To us, there is a distinct difference between a “guard” and an “officer.” A guard (large companies often refer to them as “warm bodies” or “breathers”) is someone who shows up simply to meet staffing obligations. On the other hand, an officer comes to work with a proactive approach to crime suppression and completing tasks following specific guidelines. At Integrity Protective Services, we don’t have “guards” working for us; we have officers. Our officers are individual thinkers who are passionate about the protection business.  They make this organization the best that it can be and deliver the promise of excellent service. After all, this is a service-based industry. We expect 110% from our officers at all times; "an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work". Our front line officers are valued, productive members of Integrity Protective Services and they exemplify our professionalism and our mission statement.

2. Our supervisors: To be a leader within our ranks, one must have the necessary experience, training, motivation, and common sense to make command decisions. All of our supervisors have undergone extensive training from the State of California. Most are California P.O.S.T. certified, (Police Officer Standards in Training, the exact same training and certification that is required to become a sworn peace officer in the State of California) and have worked as active peace officers, housing officers and executive protection officers. They are highly motivated individuals who think outside the box.  We are proud to have launched over 12 sworn law enforcement careers in such a short time. We guarantee no other company can make and substantiate this achievement.

3. Accountability: When a problem arises, you will have immediate contact with the on-duty command staff team. You will never experience a lapse in communication. You will have access to command staff members within the company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If further assistance is needed, you can reach the president of the organization directly at ANY TIME, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our organization knows that direct communication is key to problem solving.

4. Additional services and man power: In the event of critical incidents (fire, flood, violent crime, etc.), it may be necessary for additional officers and/or command staff members to be present. In this situation, our organization absorbs all costs for service incurred up to 24 hours. Should additional services be needed beyond a 24 hour time period, amendments to the contract can be negotiated accordingly.

We also handle all parking issues/enforcement at your property so you don’t have to. See C-PEP*

Free resident assistance battery jump starts:
Should a resident need a jump start for their vehicle’s battery, we will assist them free of charge.

Free high risk notice delivery:
Don’t put yourself or your staff at risk. Call on our highly trained and experienced officers to deliver your high risk 3/30 Day notices.

Email, instant messenger, text reporting, briefing and updates:
Residents and clients can help keep their community safe by reporting suspicious activity anonymously by email, text and instant messenger anytime, day or night.

Weekly maintenance reports:
Officers will keep the front office and maintenance staff informed of all lights out, leaking pipes, broken sprinklers and other maintenance related problems throughout the property. This is done by email or paper copy directly to your maintenance team.

Emailed activity/incident reports:
No more paperwork to shuffle around. Now you can receive detailed reports of incidents and need to know information by email. You can chose to print what you need so it’s convenient, easy to file and eco-friendly.

Documented parking policy enforcement:
We keep detailed logs of all citations and vehicles towed, including a pictures to ensure accurate enforcement. Documentation is critical; if a dispute arises, we are prepared.

Community safety meetings with residents and law enforcement:
We will organize ongoing meetings with residents, law enforcement and property staff to address and discuss security related issues.  We empower residents with knowledge on how to work with one another to keep their communities as safe as possible.

24 hour toll free hotline, answered by the on-duty supervisor:
When you call us, you get us. We don’t route calls to a third party call center or use pagers. All calls are answered by on-duty supervisors in the field. This ensures calls get a proper response.

Emergency on-site office and staff protection:
Occasionally, your office staff may be threatened for simply doing their job. Should the need arise, we will provide emergency on-site personal protective services for your staff until the situation “cools down” and stabilizes for up to 3 days.

If you are seeking armed or unarmed security services as the result of a recent intrusion and/or crime, we encourage you to act promptly and not to delay. A delay or lull in your response can affect a false sense of security and embolden criminals or unethical individuals to target your site/personnel for another intrusion or illegal action. If you are seeking security services to prevent the first criminal/unethical act and further crime suppression, we commend your proactive stance.  WIN THE FIGHT!


Does your office receive complaints regarding any of the following issues?

  • Unauthorized vehicles parking in assigned stalls?
  • Unauthorized parking in red zones reserved for 911 response vehicles?
  • Unauthorized parking in designated handicapped stalls?
  • Vehicles that block or restrict garbage bin access?
  • Vehicles that park in such a way to make it difficult for residents to access their own assigned parking?

Are non-resident/non-visitor vehicles using your property as their own parking lot?

Do you have abandoned or “eyesore” vehicles on your property that invite criminal activity and detract from curb appeal?

Do you have vehicles on your property that simply park anywhere they want to park without regard to others, your current rules/regulations and/or public safety?

If you are experiencing any of the above, C-PEP is the perfect solution!

I.P.S will enforce your current parking policy. If you don’t currently have a parking policy in place, we work with you to create and implement one.

I.P.S. will cite and/or ensure towing of any vehicles found blocking driveways, parked in red zones and stalls reserved for handicapped vehicles with multilevel documentation, including digital photos.

I.P.S. can also assist your organization in the creation and implementation of a parking space assignment program.

Any parking policies we help you create will go through our legal department to ensure there will be no exposure to liability. We have helped implement new parking policies and procedures for properties that have 10 units to 500+ units.



Abandoned vehicles can be the cause for many serious problems. They are commonly used for illegal activity such as consumption of drugs and alcohol, the storage of weapons, the storage and sales of sales of narcotics and, in worst case scenarios, abandoned vehicles have been used in violent sexual assaults.  When you have abandoned vehicles on or around your property, this gives a clear signal to the criminal element that they can conduct their activities on your property unreported and unchallenged.
Your company can be subject to a suit if vehicles are parked in such a way as to hinder or delay emergency response that results in injury. Don’t be unnecessarily exposed to this type of liability.  Remember, red zones are there for a reason: safety.

Abandoned vehicles on your property can prevent prospective residents from renting an apartment within your community.  These eyesores give an impression of, “They don’t care about what goes on here.”
Good residents might not renew leases and even been known to break their lease due to “free-for-all” parking issues.

Properties with these kinds of parking issues can have a lower occupancy percentage and an unhappy resident population, both of which can have a direct effect on overall productivity and profit. The Community Parking Enforcement Control program form Integrity Protective Services helps alleviates these problems and contributes toward the common goal of crime suppression.

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